• Forbes:「Yunio has done a lot of work in trying to make a better experience for users.」
  • China Briefing:「It has large free storage space and extremely user-friendly interface.」
  • CNET Asia:「Just upload a document to the Yunio cloud so others can access them whenever they want.」
  • TheNextWeb:「Its solution has differentiated itself from alternative options by providing a syncing service that should appeal to professionals.」
For Windows
Support Windows XP SP3+
The latest version: 3.0.8
Also supports Mac OS X / Linux / iPhone / iPad / Android Phone / Android Pad.


Big storage that grows

Register to receive 100GB storage space, with daily increase of 100MB. File of up to 25GB uploading supported.

No speed limits

Multiple pipes nationwide, with smart CDN speed enhancement. Up to 25GB per file.

The more secure cloud

We use SSL, AES-256 bit encryption technology and multiple data backup. Version control can restore any previously saved version, worry-free.

Auto photo backup for mobile

Automatically upload your albums to keep your memories safe and available, to free up space and to share with friends and family.

Sync any folder

Seamlessly sync any folder with your mobile phone, tablet and computer. No more manually copying or relying on a USB.

Enhanced public links

Supports online preview, password protection, download limits and auto-expiration for more secure and flexible sharing.

Smart sync technology

Instant uploads, batch transfers with patented LAN sync technology, giving you the most stable and efficient file transfer experience.

Team shared folders

Unique features suitable for colleagues and collaborators, with significant improvements in efficiency, while saving money.

Five-star customer care

Our customer care team is available to assist with questions or feedback, continually striving to care for your experience.